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Professional Photographer based in Milan, Italy. Life, AC/DC and Rock'n'Roll music addicted.

Gabriele Temporiti was born in Magenta, near Milan, in 1985.

He completed his secondary school education with a diploma in electronics; at the same time in his free time he cultivated a passion for graphics and the World Wide Web. Pursuing these interests has led him to photography and, as a consequence, to applying his skills to the live music industry, also one of his “hobbyhorses”. He thus started clicking away, taking stage pictures while bands play in front of audiences, and has been asked to take photographs for several online music portals. Capturing the moment and the intensity of a split second, is now the purpose of Gabriele’s work behind the camera, in a dynamic and exciting sector such as the one associated with rock music.

It is a world which Gabriele knows very well: as a matter of fact, ever since he was a boy, he has been a great fan of AC/DC, a band he truly worships. In 2003 he created AC/DC Italia (www.acdc-italia.com), the first and – to date – still the only Italian online portal and fan club dedicated to this band. In the course of 12 years, Gabriele has written dozens of reviews, and as many articles about the Australian band’s new releases. He has also helped many publishers and record labels organise promotions and online contests, as well as having attended more than 15 of the band’s concerts in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden and the United States. He has been a guest during many radio programmes dedicated to the group and – because of this complete devotion – he earned an interview reserved to him on the famous magazine Metal Hammer, in 2009.

With a view to turning these two great passions (photography and AC/DC) into an actual profession, in 2012 he incorporated the sole proprietorship GATE85, became a Google certified photographer and started to produce images and virtual tours for shop interiors, which are then published on Google Maps. He is also a wedding photographer and website developer, without ever losing sight of the great Australian band: for Sony Music and OnStage Magazine, in May 2015, he was the only Italian photographer accredited to take pictures of AC/DC’s return to the stage in Holland, with the “Rock or Bust World Tour”. The subsequent performances in Paris, Madrid, New York and Boston – which was the opening night for the American tour in August the same year – were an opportunity to complete two photographic projects dedicated to the band’s spectacular live concert staging. Also in May 2016 he was the only Italian photographer accredited to the Lisbon concert, Portugal, which marks the return of the band in Europe with Axl Rose on vocals. The event was also attended by the major international news agencies .

Apart from professional commitment, however, photography has always meant something more for him: he always packs his Reflex camera wherever he goes. He is particularly keen on portraits, but he also takes pictures of landscapes and daily life shots from the various cultures with which he comes in contact. For Gabriele travelling is an experience which expands the mind, broadens his horizons, as well as encouraging thoughts and emotions; it also allows him to convey what he has acquired in terms of ever-changing lights, atmospheres and colours in his photographs, enriching his personal curriculum with experiences which also emerge from his work as professional photographer.

In the little free time he has left, he performs as a singer at AC/DC “TNT’s tribute concerts all over Italy.

For more information about Gabriele’s work, to contact him about job opportunities, or even if you just want to say “hi”, you can visit this page.

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